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CD 1 содержит: «Avonmore»1. Loop De Li2. Midnight Train3. Soldier Of Fortune4. Driving Me Wild5. A Special Kind Of Guy6. Avonmore7. Lost8. One Night Stand9. Send In The Clowns10. Johnny And MaryCD 2 содержит: «Remixes 1»1. Loop De Li (Leo Zero Remix) 2. Loop De Li (Leo Zero Extended Dub Remix) 3. Loop De Li (Ray Mang Remix) 4. Midnight Train (Johnson Somerset Remix) 5. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys House Remix) 6. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys House Dub Remix) 7. Soldier Of Fortune (Beard Of Concern Stripped Remix) 8. Driving Me Wild (Johnson Somerset Remix) 9. Driving Me Wild (Leftside Wobble Dub Remix) 10. Driving Me Wild (Leo Zero Dub Remix) CD 3 содержит: «Remixes 2»1. Driving Me Wild (Ray Mang Instrumental Dub Remix) 2. Driving Me Wild (Synapson Remix) 3. Avonmore (Idjut Boys Remix) 4. Avonmore (Idjut Boys Dub Remix) 5. Avonmore (Prins Thomas Remix) 6. Avonmore (Johnson Somerset Remix) 7. Lost (Johnson Somerset Remix) 8. One Night Stand (Johnson Somerset Remix) 9. Send In The Clown (Metamorfozy Remix) 10. Send In The Clown (Leftside Wobble Remix) DVD содержит: «Videos»1. Loop De LiDirected By Aoife Mcardle. Produced By Tim Nash, Sally Campbell, Tash Tan Edited By Thomas Grove Carter. 2. Johnny And MaryDirected By Brantely Gutierrez. Produced By Isaac Ferry And Stephanie Scire Edited By Pablo Balderas. 3. Driving Me WildProduced And Edited By Isaac FerryСодержание пластинок: Side 1: Tracks 1-5Side 2: Tracks 6-10Side 3: Tracks 11-12Side 4: Tracks 13-14

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