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This book, attempts a biographical study of Professor Stephen Oladipo Arifalo. Arifalo has been an eminent scholar, a reputable and distinguished historian, and a University don. Professor Arifalo is a rare combination of God's rich and matchless grace and the rigorous discipline of the academic. His dilligence, foresight and distinctive leadership style has pedestal him to a great height worthy of this biographical study. Arifalo has combine all elements of socio-cultural diversities among the Nigerian people, historical values and the concept of Africanism with intellectual vigour to channel a new and moderate course for self-determination, especially for the Yoruba race and Nigeria as a whole. Thus, he has eminently placed himself among the Yoruba patriots and national heroes. A doyen of political history of Nigeria the major thrust of his life is human development, a course that he pursues ceaselessly with an unrepentant zeal. He started his contribution to human development exactly 56 years ago as a class teacher. His absolute commitment and dedication to work has fetched him the brilliant progression from the cradle of his chosen career to the peak.

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