repair parts replacement speakers for psp 1000 2 piece set

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The professional premium precision disassembly tool is the best choice for you to repair your Iphone / Ipod / PSP and other similar devices by yourself. All the tools fit the phone and the screws of your Iphone / Ipod / PSP and other similar devices. With one set it is necessary and perfect for those trying to modify their Iphone / iPod / PSP and other electronic devices. This precision disassembly tool is perfect for you to repair the devices by yourself. Letos face it manufacturers don't want us to be able to take apart and repair our products. Disassembly requires the use of special tools and with out them we can do more harm than good. These Tools are difficult to find and can be expensive but they sure do make the job easier and safer. DX has this 7 in 1 tool kit that is perfect for the disassembly of most electronic gadgets from Iphones to PSPs. These tools are made of hard plastic to ensure that they don't leave ugly scratches and marks on your device. This package contains all the great tools you need including a super strong suction cup for screen removal without breakage. Also included are two mini jewelers??screwdrivers one Phillips and one flat head. The two PCB mount and removal bars work great with those tricky clips allowing simple unclipping with out damage. The triangle picks are great for sliding along bevels and help to release the pressure clips. All in all you can definitely take care of business with this wicked disassembly tool set. - Hard plastic material - Handy phone disassembly tools - Great for modifying Iphone 4 / 3G / 3GS / iPod / NDS / PSP + more - Package includes: - 1 x Cross screwdriver - 1 x Straight screwdriver - 2 x PCB mount bars - 2 x Triangle paddles - 1 x Suction cup keychain

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