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Undoubtedly the world`s best-known fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, with his faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson, is the scourge of London`s underworld, sallying forth from his rooms at 221B Baker Street to solve crimes and bring evildoers to justice. Now four of the best Holmes stories have been collected in this volume, offering a superb sampler of the great sleuths fascinating adventures. Included are `The Adventure of the Dancing Men`, in which the sudden appearance of mysterious stick-figure drawings proves disastrous to a country squire and his bride; `The Adventure of the Dying Detective`, in which Holmes appears to have contracted a mysterious Asian disease that leaves him at death`s door; and two other celebrated stories: `The Musgrave Ritual` and `The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans.` In this inexpensive collection, these stories represent a wonderful introduction to the larger body of Holmes stories, as well as a delightful pocket-size treat for any mystery lover.

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